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Setting up Linksys router using smart setup utility: Setting up any Linksys router using linksyssmartwifi is very simple. The smart setup features is there in the router firmware itself. Even if the router is connected to the internet or whether it is in the default state, the smart setup works on all Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers.

Benefits of Smart set up(
  • There is no need for a setup CD or any other additional software for the setup process.
  • There is no need to manually configure router using default router IP address using web-based console.

  • Requirements For Linksys Router Setup: In order to set up router using smart set up, you need following things
  • A browser either it is Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Linksys Smart Wifi Router.
  • 1 or 2 Ethernet cables RJ 4500.
  • Wireless computer or desktop with Ethernet port.
  • Active Internet connection.


    Step 1: Connect your router to power mains, if you are replacing an existing router then disconnect it and connect EA 9500 to power source.
    Step 2: Press the power button to turn on the router.
    Step 3: Connect Ethernet cable straight from internet port of Linksys router to your existing modem.
    Step 4: Connect your computer/laptop wirelessly with Linksys router network name. Check setup guide for instructions or connect your computer & Linksys router with an Ethernet cable.
    Step 5: Launch a web browser and type HTTP:// in address bar of your browser. A login screen will appear, follow the on screen instructions to set up Linksys smart wi-fi account & then you can easily configure your router from any computer with internet access.


  • Change your router's network name & password (HTTP://
  • Set up Guest access controls
  • Configure parental control
  • Connect devices to network (WPS)
  • Test Your Internet Connection Speed

    To access linksyssmartwifi account settings, firstly launch a web browser and type (HTTP:// in address bar of your browser, a login screen will appear. In case of incorrect username and password try resetting the password. Click on forgot password option & then follows on screen instructions.


    This feature allows you to check the number of devices which are connected to your existing network. You can allow & block Mac address, check IP address for each of the connected devices with the router.


    In case of EA 9500 router or any EA series Linksys router, you have to login to your linksyssmartwifi account or you can manage router settings by using default IP address A login screen will appear- use username & password both as admin. Under connectivity options select parental control option, add or remove websites or you can add keywords as per your search results which you want to exclude.


    You can add devices or list Mac address of streaming or devices such as play station or x box to compensate or provide adequate bandwidth to concerned devices.


  • Troubleshooting

    • ROSS :I have two WRT 1900 routers with a Comcast connection. The Comcast is in the bridge mode and the main Linksys router is connected via Ethernet. The basement Linksys is connected via power line adapter. Currently, the basement is on a different SSID and Password but I would like them to have same SSID and password. When I try to log in to basement WRT1900, I can only log on to Ethernet main Linksys (perhaps because DCHP is disabled on basement router. 1. Is it possible (and OK) to have both on same SSID/Password? 2. How do I configure basement router if I cannot log in to it?
      Solution : Yes, you can configure both Linksys WRT 1900 router with same network name SSID. Try to access linksys router login webpage using classic web address or www.myrouter.local. If you are connecting first Linksys router as a access point, SSID network name will be same as Comcast modem. If you are not able to access second router settings then try resetting the router using paper clip for 10 seconds, then try to access Linksys router configuration page.
    • Michael :I had an internet interruption yesterday and have been unable to get my Wi-Fi reconnected. I tried the restart with no success. I am using an EA8500 smartwifilinksys Router. My ISP is xinfinity /Comcast
      Solution : Try rebooting ISP modem and Linksys router. Connect an Ethernet cable from ISP modem to your computer. If you are getting internet access from your internet company, try resetting the linksys router using paper pin for 10 seconds. Then try to reconfigure Linksys EA 8500 router using IP address or or http://myrouter.local.
    • Dan : I just got new router EA8500 model. I plug my web cam to USB on the back router but it not helps me to set up. So I try to update time Warner as spectrum. I used zoom be ok to use my web cam security. Everything needs to reset because I change router, so I try to update this router then I use USB port to set up my secure webcam.
      Solution : For initial setup of webcam, connect an Ethernet cable from linksys LAN slot to webcam. Open a web browser and type in address bar of the browser. Click on network map option; make a note of ip address of web cam. Then try to access web cam configuration page using IP Address.
    • Chris : I am trying to replace my Xfinity modem/router with a Netgear modem and Linksys router for better connectivity but I am facing problem with Netgear connection. I have the modem up and running. The Ethernet cable is connected to my computer from the modem at the moment so I can have Wi-Fi less than a year old. I am using EA 8500 smartwifilinksys router.
      Solution : Certain ISP like xfinity /Comcast only allow one passes through internet source Mac address. In such cases connect an Ethernet cable from modem to your computer. Make a note of Mac address of modem and apply the same settings. Mac address value to Linksys router using Linksys router login web address or http://myrouter.local, make sure DHCP is enabled on Netgear modem.
    • BRYAN : Linksys smart Wi-Fi website wants to associate my router to my account. I have an account and know that password. I also know my current router password but when I enter it, it tells me invalid password. I have an EA9200 Tri-Band Router.
      Solution :If you are unable to login to Linksys smart wi-fi router login webpage. Try resetting Linksys router password. You can access Linksys router configuration page using ip address Click on local access option and use default login password as admin.
    • GERALD :The Internet keeps dropping. I am using EA9200 smart Wi-Fi router from Linksys. Any advice or suggestion. My previous router worked just fine.
      Solution : Try updating Linksys router firmware, if there is any interference issues then try changing channel settings on Linksys router to 11 or 6. If you are using EA9200 as an access point change MTU value to 1472 on EA9200 router. To update Linksys router firmware, open a web browser and type in address bar of the browser, click on internet connection option>> check for firmware >>update firmware. Alternatively you can download Linksys router firmware file from Linksys download centre, extract .bin file >>click on upload file >>upgrade firmware.
    • JIM : Ok it’s an EA9200. I am an IT guy myself so hopefully that will help you out. The issue I am having is router will just cut off, then back on. Almost like it reboots. There is no pattern. It has done it already 20 times today. For the last week it has done this but not this bad. I did notice in my connected devices not all show up. Many devise show up under other devices.
      Solution : Try to connect Linksys router to a different power source. Make sure you are using Linksys router power adapter with EA9200 router. Try to update router firmware to latest. You can download Linksys router firmware from Linksys support website and change preamble to short mode. If there are any unwanted devices connected to your Linksys router then try updating your Linksys router Wi-Fi password. If still the problem persists then try resetting the Linksys router to factory default using a paper clip for 10 seconds.
    • Ryan : I am having problems with it on the Wi-Fi. I can plug up to it and get internet through it but it doesn’t seem to be working right, where do I log in to configure?
      Solution : Configuration of Linksys router is easy and simple. Linksys EA series routers can be setup without CD. Connect an Ethernet cable from ISP modem to WAN slot of Linksys router, then from LAN slot of Linksys router to your computer. Then open a web browser and type or myrouter.local in address bar of the browser and then follow the onscreen instructions to set up Linksys smart Wi-Fi router.
    • John : We had a power outage and our router isn't working. It shows the Wi-Fi is there, but connection is not available. I tried to fix it and now no Wi-Fi is even being shown. I need to change router name and password and it is not allowing me to make change. Router is connected and I can access Wi-Fi but I want to secure it with personal password.
      Solution : Try to access Linksys router configuration page using IP address or using classic web address www.linksyssmartwifi .com or myrouter.local. Under wireless settings you can update new network name SSID and Wi-Fi passphrase. Press and hold Wi-Fi button on Linksys router for 3 seconds. If still the problem persists then try resetting the Linksys router, then reconfigure the router.
    • Michael : I have down loaded the upgrade file for my EA4500 but getting to the down load point has been a challenge. having trouble in the home network and wanted to see if there were any updates needed.lost connection to network and appears that the IP address changed to default . doesn't work?
      Solution : To update linksys router firmware , login to linksys router login webpage using web address or myrouter.local ,connect ethernet cable from lan slot of linksys router to your computer , open a web address or ip address , a log in screen will appear ,use username and password as admin ,click on administration option ,click on firmware upgrade option ,you can download linksys firmware file from linksys download centre .
    • Mike : My Wi-Fi transmission is very slow. So I want to check my firmware version. I am installing a model EA6300. I have hard wired it and connected wireless but it won't let me complete the set up and I cannot get back into it. I get a 502 error.
      Solution : Try restarting your Linksys router and internet company modem. Make sure your computer LAN adapter IP settings are on obtain IP address automatically. Try resetting browser settings or try a different webpage to access Linksys router login webpage via web address to use your router.
    • Butch : I can't log into my my AC3200 model EA9200. I have setup the guest password at some point but I need to get into the settings.I would like to remove the guest wifi, my main setting keeps pausing and then I have to signin to the guest to continue and then after a few mintes it goes back to the main setting ,my password to my router has stopped working and I can't remember what it is
      Solution : To disable guest network settings on yur linksys smart wifi router ,login to your linksys router login webpage using ip address ,or web address , a login screen will appear , use username and password as admin ,click on guest access option ,select disable option ,to avoid dissconnection issues try updating router firmware to latest,make sure your router is not stacked up ,change channel settings to 6 or 11 ,you can change mtu value as per your internet service provider .
    • Lori : I keep losing my internet connection, i have to reset the router, then it works again for a little while This i thought should have been a great modem for speed , streaming videos and playing games and everything else
      Solution : Try to update linksys router firmware ,connect a ethernet cable between linksys router and your computer ,open a web browser ,login to your linksyssmartwifi account or sign in locally using web address myrouter.local or router default ip address,use username and password as admin ,click on system settings >>firmware update option ,you can manually download linksys firmware file from linksys download centre.
    • Ariel : i cant connect at the 5ghz radio only the 2.4, I got a n EA9200 device. I called the support last night because of wifi issueI successfully set up my wireless router. I cannot access the smart wifi webpage on my pc that is hard wired into the router.
      Solution : Login to linksyssmartwifi account to check if wireless ssid broadcast setting is on/off on linksys smart wifi router ,check status of 5ghz ssid,click on enable broadcst option ,check for the latest firmware ,update your router firmware if availeble,make sure your router is not stacked up,avoid interference,try to change channel settings on 5ghz network,if still the issue persists ,try reseting the linksys router for 10 seconds using a paper pin ,then try reconfiguring linksys router using web address .
    • Elly : im having trouble trying to login. A while ago i think i did make a password, but i forgot what it was/.,I keep registering my router and it keeps loosing the info on the site where I registered it,I wanted to get in and check on the channels I'm using. Forgot how to get into linksyssmartwifi. What do I type?
      Solution : To access linksyssmart wifi router login webpage ,connect your computer wired or wirelessly with the linksys router ,open a web browser and type myrouter.local or in address bar of the browser ,enter your linksyssmartwifi details,you can click on forget password option& then create a new password,click on wireless option ,then change channel settings ,if you are facing dissconnection issues ,try updating router firmware to latest .if still the problem persists try reseting the router to factory default,then reconfigure your linksys router again using web address .default ip address of linksys router is