How to Fix Linksys Router Error Code 2318?

The Linksys router error code 2318 has become one of the most prominent issues. This issue generally arises due to the internet connection problem. If you try to open the Linksys smart WIFI website, when there is no internet connection then this error 2318 will appear on the screen. Many times users can face this problem even being online. Here in this topic we are going to discuss some of the issues that will share the information about how to fix the Linksys router error code 2318 when it’s frequently popping up.

Make a New Linksys Smart WIFI Account

  • Firstly, you need to launch an internet browser of your choice and enter in the URL. Now you will see a link located at the bottom of the page for logging in to the Linksys router.
  • In this step, you need to form your own Linksys WIFI account and enter the necessary information in the blank sections. In case if the page is taking a lot of time in loading, try another web browser.
  • After filling up the necessary details, you need to agree to the license agreement.
  • Now finally create a WIFI account and check if error code 2318 has been removed or not.

Use third party Security Software

Whenever you are testing your computer always turn off your firewall programs and antivirus software. Third-party security software is not necessary when you test your routers. Try to turn off all the devices except your LAN computer system. You should also disable the downloading software on your computer. Now this will surely fix your router error code 2318 if this solution doesn’t help you then try the next one.

Manually Configure the Router

  • Firstly, you need to check the type of browser that you are using for the process. Now turn on the mode of compatibility and check again.
  • Disable all add ones like the Ad-block, no Script and allow all the pages when they are connected to the router.
  • Clear the cache.
  • Ensure that you login your router’s admin account.
  • The use of prediction services can help you in completing searches and addresses that you are entering in the location bar.
  • To improve the page load performance, you can start calculating network actions.
  • Enable phishing and Malware protection.

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