Linksys EA 5800

Linksys EA5800

It is a dual-band router supports 2.4 as well as 5 GHz band. Its 5 GHz band provides noninterference internet to all your devices. You can stream HD videos and online gaming without any lag. This supports AC technology providing you a fast and reliable connection. Setup will be done in minutes using the Linksys app or a web browser. You can manage the router from your mobile phone like internet usage and enable a guest network. The network remains safe as this router uses WPA2 and SPI firewall.

How to power cycle a Linksys router or Linksys EA5800?

The solution to the common issue is the power cycle of the router. To power cycle, a Linksys router, turn it off, take out the adapter and wait for 10 seconds and then turn it on again.

How to solve the issue of intermittent wireless connectivity in a Linksys router?

Reduce the wireless interference that occurs due to walls or ceilings of your home.

Adjust the transmission rate

Personalize the wireless settings of your router such as changing the password of the wifi to make it secure.

Update the firmware of the router as it may solve certain issues. A firmware comes with bug fixing and many new features to your router must be up to date.

What to do when there is slow downloads from the router?

The cause of slow download is IPv6. Disable IPv6 feature on your computer. To do so, take the help of our experts. We will guide you properly on how to do this or read out our blogs on how to disable IPv6.

How to hard reset a Linksys router?

When you reset your Linksys router using the reset button located on your router then it is called the hard reset. To reset the router using this method, firstly locate the reset button on your Linksys EA5800 and then take a paper clip. Hold and press the reset button using this paperclip for a few seconds and then release it. Your router will restart to apply the changes. The router is now set to factory default settings.

If you are experiencing slow uploads from your Linksys router then what to do to resolve this issue?

To solve this issue, you have to set priorities for your wifi devices as Linksys router EA5800 or other routers of Linksys are known for the fast upload and download speeds. So, adjust the speed according to the usage of your device by using QoS.

Have I forgotten the wireless settings of my Linksys EA5800?

If you forgot the wireless settings that are SSID or network name and wifi password of your router then you can look for the same at the product label of the router. We recommend you to write down these details on a piece of paper for further reference.

Unable to access Linksys router web-based setup page

The web-based user interface of any Linksys router can be accessed using its default IP or for Linksys smart wifi routers or myrouter.local for simple Linksys routers. Connect a computer to the Linksys router wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable. Type any of the default web address or IP address into the address bar of the browser and hit enter. It will open a login page asking for username and password. Fill the details and log into the router.

If you are unable to access the web-based user interface then the cause may be:

The IP address of the router has been changed

The password to access the user interface has been changed by someone.

The firmware of your Linksys router model is not up to date.

No connection to the router

The firewall or antivirus of your computer is not allowing you to access the user interface.

I want to set up my Linksys router manually. How to do this?

The manual setup of your Linksys router requires having some technical knowledge of the Linksys router. Otherwise, you may get confused at some point. If you are having a Linksys smart wifi router then is used as the default web address to start the setup procedure. If the router is not a smart one then myrouter.local is used to set up the router. Both of these web addresses redirect you to the IP address of your router model. After entering this into the address bar of the router, select the option if I want to set up my Linksys router manually and skip the setup wizard. Then after this, enter the information asked in the manual setup. Complete the process until the end. If you need help in any case or regarding any information then we are here to help. Get in touch with us using the live chat support window or call us directly on the given toll-free number. Our experts are available 24/7 to help Linksys router users.

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