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The Linksys EA8500 Smart WiFi router uses 802.11ac standard technology. This router is having one USB 3.0 port and a combo port. It is one of the high-performance router developed by Linksys. It is also having MU-MIMO technology. The USB 3.0 port is capable to support an external hard disk that draws up to 1100mA current and the same is applicable to the combo port USB. It has four antennas in total. The placement of antennas is important. If you have a single-story home then all the antennas should be pointing in the upward direction and if the home is multi-story building then two of them should be pointing upward and the position of the other two depends on where or in which direction you want the coverage. It supports data rates up to 800 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and 1733 Mbps on the 5 GHz with a combined data rate speed of up to 2.53 Gbps.

How to update Linksys EA8500 firmware?

Linksys Smart WiFi software automatically updates the firmware when an update is available. If you want to do it manually then firstly uncheck the Automatic box on the Linksys Smart WiFi software. Go to Firmware update to uncheck. Now you can update it manually.

Steps to follow to install the router:

  • Disconnect the existing router, if you are replacing the same.
  • On the top of the router, connect the antennas and plug it into the power source and switch it on.
  • At the back of your router, there is a yellow port. Connect the Internet cable from the modem to that yellow port.
  • Wait till the Linksys logo on the front turns solid.
  • In the quick start, the guide connects to the secure wireless name that came with the router. You can change the username and password after setting up the router. But first, you have to start with the default name. You also can’t have internet access till the setup for the router is complete.
  • Launch a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and type in the address bar at the top of the browser. Follow the instructions given there to set up the router.

Make a Linksys Smart WiFi account by following the instructions given on after setting up the router. After making the account, you can configure the router settings. Router settings include:

  • Set up guest access
  • Change your router’s name and password
  • Configure parental controls
  • Test your Internet connection speed
  • Connect devices to your network

How to connect to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

  • Launch a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and in the address bar of the browser type
  • Enter the e-mail address and password in the respective fields that you have set up earlier.
  • Steps to change the settings of the router:
  • Firstly, you need to log in to your Linksys Smart WiFi account.
  • There is a left menu on the top that is having further options. You can select either of them to change their settings.
  • Network Map: By this feature, you can manage all network devices connected to your router. You can access both guest network and main network and can view devices connected to each of them. You can also have information about each device connected to your network.
  • Guest network: you can make and configure the network specifically made for your guest. This network is made so your guest can not be able to access all the resources of your network.

Parental Controls: You can block the websites which you want to from your children and other family members. You can also set access time like for game sites of your children.
Media Prioritization: You can give priority to your devices and applications for the network traffic.
Speed test: You can also check the speed of your internet connection.
External Storage: It has a USB port so you can attach USB and access it.
Connectivity: Lets you configure basic and advanced network settings.
Wireless: You can change the SSID (network name), password, security mode. You can also connect the device using WiFi protected setup.
Troubleshooting: You can go through various problems while setting up the router. This feature allows you to diagnose the problem and then find a solution.
Security: For security purposes, it allows you to configure and setup the firewall. You can also make custom settings for applications and games.

Problem 1: Your router was not successfully set up

Solution: If this problem occurs, you have to reset your router. To reset, press and hold the reset button with the help of a paperclip on the back side of your router for about 10 seconds. This step will again set the settings of the router to default. Now you can again install the router by following the steps given on website

Problem 2: Windows XP Service Pack update

Solution: On Windows XP computers, Linksys Smart Wi-Fi requires Service Pack 3. If the currently installed Service Pack is older than version 3, you need to download and install Service Pack 3.

  • To Install Service Pack 3:
  • Connect to the Microsoft Update website (
  • Follow the instructions on the website or contact Microsoft if you need further help.
  • After downloading and installing Service Pack 3, install the router again.

Uninterrupted movie streaming

Enjoy hassle or buffer-free watch of your favorite TV shows and movies. Download speed increases due to the MU-MIMO technology used in the router. The combined 2.53 Gbps Wi-Fi speeds wipe out annoying buffering and enable faster downloads.

Improved mobile speed and range

With the help of beamforming technology, you can enjoy the high speed of the internet on your mobile devices. You can now shop online, send emails and even set up your router from the mobile. This technology provides equal coverage and speed at all corners of your home. You need not worry about coverage and strength if your router is using beamforming technology. This technology boosts the current strength and coverage of the router.

Lag-free online gaming

This router is having MU-MIMO technology which allows the user to play games without any buffering or lag. It is having a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor to provide high speed.