If your router power light is blinking continuously, it means that your Linksys router firmware is corrupted or gone bad. In such scenario you will not be able to access Linksys router login webpage using web address or ip address, even your router will not be able to assign dhcpip address to connected devices. In such issues try to reboot your linksys router first, unplug the power cable from linksys router and then replug the power cable back to linksys router after 30 seconds. Connect an Ethernet cable between linksys router and your computer, assign a static ip address to your computer as your linksys router is unable to assign ip address to connected devices. Press and hold the reset button on the linksys router for 30 seconds. Lights will flash momentarily,wait for the lights to turn solid green on linksys router, try to access linksys router login webpage using web address or ip address, if still the issue persists and you are not able to access linksys login web page using default ip address. This indicates your router firmware is corrupt.

To update linksys router firmware you need to download tftp.exe file and update file by assigning a static ip address to your computer Download tftp.exe file and also download latest firmware for your linksys router from linksys download centre. Double click and run tftp.exe file. Enter the IP address and password for linksys router server, default ip address is and password is admin in lower case. Click on browse option and select the linksys router firmware file. Router lights will flash momentarily, wait for the lights to turn solid on the linksys router, change ip settings on your computer to automatically obtain ip address and automatically obtain dns server. Once you have successfully updated linksys router firmware, you can easily access linksys login webpage using ip address or default web address

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